Acupuncture for CrossFit

In our practice lately, we’ve been noticing a trend.  Many of our patients come to us for musculoskeletal pain that results from an active lifestyle!  We have patients who love to mountain bike, run, swim, and hike, and we love to help them stay active without pain!  We even have patients who push their bodies to the limit in CrossFit!  You might wonder how acupuncture helps people who love CrossFit.  There are several ways Chinese Medicine can help our patients get through their WODs without pain!

Exciting News!

Loveland Acupuncture is expanding into Fort Collins!  Jennifer and Lorrie will both be working inside of Brave Roots Chiropractic, right next to Whole Foods in Fort Collins, starting in October!  Nothing will change about our Loveland office, we will still be here Monday-Friday, and we’re looking forward to reaching more of our neighbors to the North!  Stay tuned to see our new office and treatment rooms if you or your friends live in Fort Collins!  We’re excited for big changes to come!!


Do You Only Dream of Getting a Good Night's Sleep?

Insomnia is a problem that affects nearly everyone at some point, and missing out on good sleep is severely detrimental to overall health.  Without proper sleep, our brain function and motor coordination suffer.  Our hormones become unbalanced, and our metabolism slows down.  Here are a few reasons why your sleep might be off, and what you can do about it!


You are  in peri-menopause are or menopausal.