Try Journaling!

When I talk to my patients, many of them say similar things.  They feel tired all the time, yet they can’t settle down at night.  They find themselves thinking about what’s to come the next day, or going over and over worries about things in the past and future.  When we get into these patterns, it affects not only our lives, but our relationships with our loved ones as well.  If we aren’t able to work through our worries and let them go, we put our unsettled feelings onto our loved ones, which creates strain in the relationship.  Asking others to carry the burden of our worries makes them feel just as overwhelmed by them as we are, so we need to find a different way of dealing with these repetitive and nagging worries.  To free your mind of worries about events that are out of your control, I suggest starting a journaling practice.  This doesn’t need to be complicated!  It’s a matter of setting aside a bit of time for yourself and your thoughts, 15-20 minutes per day.  I like to write at the end of the day, so that I can let go of the things weighing on my mind before I try to go to sleep.  Here’s how to get started:


1. Get a journal.  This can be any notebook, or even your computer, if you prefer to type.

2. Find a space to write.  Clear your space of other work.  You want your space to be as clear as you are trying to make your mind.  If you want to, you can light a candle, or use essential oils like lavender & bergamot to create a calming atmosphere.

3. Sit up straight, with your feet flat on the floor, and take at least 3 deep breaths into your low belly, or set a timer and breathe deeply for any amount of time you like.  Try to clear your mind.

4. Write down whatever comes to mind.  It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct or even in complete sentences.  This is your space to work out whatever is on your mind, no matter how trivial or intense.  

5. You’ll know you’ve finished when you ultimately feel a bit better about whatever was going on.  You’ll be able to think more clearly and understand what was really bothering you.  Blow out your candle, thank yourself for taking the time to write, and go on with your day (or go to bed).  


That’s it!  I know it sounds simple, but setting new routines is always difficult, so forgive yourself if you get off track, and renew your commitment again as many times as you need to!  Journaling is the best way I know to work through your thoughts on your own terms, and it will improve your sense of wellbeing as well as your relationships with others!


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