Motor Vehicle Accident? Make Acupuncture a Priority!

We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the country, minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park, so it’s no wonder that our population is growing exponentially every year.  Unfortunately, a bigger population means that Colorado roads are becoming more congested.  We spend hours sitting in traffic, commuting, and driving up to the mountains.  With all of this time spent in our cars, we run a much higher risk of experiencing motor vehicle accidents.  Even in the most minor of fender-benders, our bodies experience a trauma.  Think of any damage to your car directly happening to your body, and you’ll get an idea of exactly how much damage has been done to your body internally.  Even if you feel ok right away, you owe it to yourself to take care of your body immediately after a motor vehicle accident.  You can always get your car repaired or get a new car, but you can’t as easily repair your body, and you certainly cannot replace it.  


That’s where acupuncture comes in!  Acupuncture encourages your body to heal in multiple ways.  First, the needles are placed in the area where you are experiencing pain; your neck, your low back, your knee, etc.  These needles tell your body to send more blood cells to heal and clean up inflammation and inhibit the formation of scar tissue in that area.  Next, other needles turn off your body’s sympathetic nervous system, switching you from the “fight or flight” that was activated during your accident into a more restful state.  When your body and mind are at rest, your body can heal itself and return to the balanced state you were in before your accident.


Acupuncture treatments even help you to feel more confident getting back into a car again!  With acupuncture, you will be better able to get behind the wheel without feeling that post-traumatic nervousness and stress that is common after a traffic accident.  You’ll feel more centered in your body and able to navigate the road again without anxiety.


Even if your accident was months or years ago and you’re still feeling the effects, acupuncture can get you back to your normal driving self, though it may take a few more treatments than if you had come in right away.


So what are you waiting for?  After you call your insurance company, call your acupuncturist!  We will get you back to your best health so that you can continue to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer!




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