Acupuncture for CrossFit

In our practice lately, we’ve been noticing a trend.  Many of our patients come to us for musculoskeletal pain that results from an active lifestyle!  We have patients who love to mountain bike, run, swim, and hike, and we love to help them stay active without pain!  We even have patients who push their bodies to the limit in CrossFit!  You might wonder how acupuncture helps people who love CrossFit.  There are several ways Chinese Medicine can help our patients get through their WODs without pain!


When building muscle mass and working toward new lifting goals, muscle fibers get fatigued, and “trigger points” start to form.  These areas within the muscle hold tension that cannot release without strong stimulation.  Acupuncturists use dry needling to release these trigger points, allowing your muscle to relax completely once again.  Did you know that your acupuncturist can do dry needling?  Yes, we can!  In fact, acupuncturists have been trained for several years in safe, pain-free dry needling techniques to release trigger points and help athletes to achieve their full potential.  I’ve worked on college athletes at CU Boulder to help them stay pain-free and winning!  


Acupuncture also decreases inflammation.  Each needle we insert tells the brain to send more white blood cells to the area, which clean up inflammation, decreasing pain and increasing your overall wellbeing.


Have you heard about cupping and ?  These techniques clear toxins and built-up lactic acid out of your muscles and allow your lymph system to clean them out of your body.  Cupping works by pulling the toxins out of your muscles, while gua sha is a scraping technique that tones muscle and breaks up the places where muscle fibers have gotten tight.  Both of these techniques work wonders on muscular pain and keep CrossFit athletes in tip-top shape!


So what are you waiting for?  Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a casual hiker, or a full-time CrossFitter, make an acupuncture appointment today to keep your body ready for anything!