How many acupuncture treatments do I need?


This is my answer for that commonly asked question: "How many acupuncture treatments do I need?"...

What I typically tell my patients at my Loveland acupuncture practice is, how many treatments you may need depends on how long you have been experiencing your condition or chief complaint. So if you have had your chief complaint for years, then you might need more than just a few treatments (especially if you have never received acupuncture treatments before); on the other hand, if your chief complaint is only a few days old, then perhaps you will only need a couple of sessions. A good range to give yourself is anywhere between 5-10 "jump-start" treatments to get your body going and as your condition improves, your acupuncturist will start to ween you from one acupuncture session a week to every other week or even down to once a month.

Research has found that over 80% of individuals who follow the acupuncture treatment regime recommended to them by their practitioners experience optimal results with greater relief.

IMPORTANT: You want to keep in mind that acupuncture is also a helpful form of preventative medicine and health maintenance. Think of it as another kind of health insurance - it is much nicer to spend the time and money on a relaxing treatment that will sustain your health then to "tough it out" only to find yourself in the hospital or doctor's office spending A LOT of your time and money. That being said, for my patients that really have no major complaints, I recommend that they come in at least once a season (four times a year) so that we can keep their healthy immune system up to par.

"Well how many acupuncture treatments do I need...because I want results quicker than weeks of acupuncture treatments!"

As a product of society, I cannot fault you for wanting "quick results." Everything we see on tv, in the movies and in "fad"-gazines (aka magazines) brainwash us to think "I want that, and I want that NOW." But don't fall victim of this type of propaganda because in reality - slow and steady wins the race, so anything worth achieving in life will take time and effort. I know you have heard this before, but I believe it is worth repeating:

There is no such thing as an honest magic bullet or a quick-fix.

Stay dedicated to your life & health and your life & health will stay dedicated to you.