Why is Acupuncture Research important?


Well...what is commonly known is that acupuncture helps with pain pretty effectively; but in actuality, acupuncture can treat much more than just pain. Listed below are some current acupuncture research findings that you may find quite interesting...

Acupressure and Morning Sickness

A study was conducted to see if acupressure would be helpful in treating morning sickness for women in their first trimester. The results indicated that acupressure is very helpful in subduing the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, with an added perk of no side effects.

C.T.C.P., Feb. 2008; 14 (1): 46-52.

Acupuncture and Insomnia

Acupuncture has shown to have a 90.44% total effectiveness rate for treating insomnia. (Talk about a GREAT, Natural sleeping aid!!)

Sok, SR, et. al., The Effects of Acupuncture Therapy on Insomnia. J.A.N., Nov.2003; 44 (4): 375-84.

Fire Cupping and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Fire cupping was given to a group of individuals suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. At the end of a 6 week trial, all the patients showed increased energy, better sleep, improved memory and better digestion.

Flaws, B., et al., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Cupping. 2001; 70-71.

Acupuncture and Labor Pain

In one study, women who received acupuncture was compared with their cohorts who received none. Results showed that the women who had acupuncture did not request for anesthesia (such as an epidurlal) nearly as much as expected, and as seen with their non-acupunctured cohorts. Those who received acupuncture also stated they felt very relaxed through-out the labor process. Add perk, (again) no adverse side effects or events occurred with the acupuncture treatments.

In addition, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reported in 2004 that have reviewing several clinical trials of acupuncture and labor pains, their conclusion is that acupuncture can be helpful with reducing pain during childbirth.

Acupuncture and Migraine Headaches

Research shows that acupuncture can lessen migraine headaches far better than prescription meds. Individuals receiving traditional acupuncture treatments exhibited longer lasting results then those treated with mock-upuncture and Rizatriptan.

Acupuncture and Allergic Rhinitis (Allergies)

German researchers found that acupuncture improved the symptoms of patients suffering from allergic rhinitis. When they followed up with those patients 3-6 months later, they discovered that those who incorporated acupuncture in their health-care regime retained better results and health in general.

Euro. J.I.M., Nov. 2008,10 (5): 535-43.