Acupuncture for Migraine Headache Pain?


The study of acupuncture for migraine headache pain has confirmed that acupuncture can indeed provide you lasting pain relief for your chronic headaches and migraines. 

Migraine headaches are a type of headache that is recurrent, paroxysmal and neurovascular. They can be joined with or without visual and gastrointestinal issues (ie. light sensitivity and nausea). The specific cause of migraines is still unknown but many medical professionals believe there is a strong genetic component involved. 

Typically women are more predisposed to having migraines but that doesn't mean you men are safe... 

The pain experienced with migraines can either be generalized or hemilateral. If the pain is only on one side, it usually will only occur on that one side. If you leave your migraine attacks untreated, it can last from hours to days. Some people experience migraines daily, while other only get it about once a month. Women who experience migraine headaches typically have attacks in relation to their menstrual cycles: before, during or after menstruation and/or ovulation. 

Causes of Migraine Headaches:

  • excessive stress
  • hormonal imbalances (ie. menstrual cycle fluctuations)
  • irregular or poor diet (ie. alcohol, MSG, nitrates, etc.)
  • poor sleep
  • environmental changes
  • strong odors
  • bright lights
  • high altitudes (ie. Rocky Mountain National Park...unfortunately)

Western Medicine will typically treat migraines with medications/drugs. But like most drugs, there is a possibility of receiving negative side effects...even worse, if not dose properly, you can experience rebound headaches!

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine migraine treatments involve an evaluation of your whole body, as well as your fundamental "make-up." Like most other pain patterns, migraine headaches are usually a result of a blockage in your body's natural Qi flow. An acupuncturist's goal is to identify that stagnation and address its root cause. With acupuncture not only will you receive relief, but you will also not experience any negative side effects. Even better??-Acupuncture can help to prevent future attacks. So ask yourself, "Why not use acupuncture for migraine headache pain??"