Migraine Headache Research

In 2004 the British Medical Journal published a migraine headache research study. The researchers involved took a study group of 401 adults, ranging from 18 to 65 years old, and separated them into two treatment groups. The chosen participants had a health history of experiencing chronic headaches, mostly migraines, at least twice a month.

Group one received roughly 12 migraine acupuncture treatments plus standard care over a course of 3 months. Group two only received the standard medical care.

After about a year, the researchers found that the participants that got acupuncture:

  • Had 22 fewer days with migraine headache pains
  • Were able to use 15% less of headache meds
  • Were 25% less likely to visit their primary care physician
  • Were 15% less likely to take a "sick day" from their work versus their cohorts in the control group (Group two).