Pregnancy Care with Acupuncture

Pregnancy care with acupuncture is a great drug-free treatment that can provide expectant mothers with natural relief for many of the conditions that can come up with pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, being drug-free not only avoids unnecessary drug side effects but also improves an expecting mother's quality of life naturally, from the inside out!

Acupuncture can help with the following prenatal conditions:

  • nausea & vomiting / morning sickness
  • heartburn
  • constipation
  • general muscle aches and pains
  • fatigue and exhaustion
  • insomnia
  • anxiety & depression
  • sinusitis
  • headaches
  • mood swings

Acupuncture can also provide pre and postnatal care for pregnant mothers that do not have any conditions that are bothersome. For example:

  • it is a great maintenance treatment for promoting healthy and efficient labor conditions ("Ripening the Cervix" treatment)
  • provide a natural method of inducing labor
  • can promote adequate milk supply

Furthermore, acupressure can be taught to the expectant mother's partner to help with pain management during labor. Studies have shown that when used early on during true labor, acupressure can help reduce the intensity of pain felt by the laboring mother significantly.

Note: It is very important that prenatal acupuncture care be preformed by a Licensed Acupuncturist (you can verify an acupuncturist's licensure by asking for their state license number or their NCCAOM certification number). This will ensure proper needle technique and safety for both the mother and unborn fetus.

Here is a general checklist of how you can prepare for you first prenatal acupuncture treatment:

  • wear loose fitting clothing
  • make sure you have eaten a sufficient meal prior to your treatment
  • bring water for proper hydration after your treatment
  • allow yourself a relaxed day without too much activity after your treatment