Acupuncture and Anxiety Relief for your Anxiety

That's right, acupuncture and anxiety. Acupuncture research has shown that acupuncture treatments are promising for anxiety (and depression) relief. Acupuncture appears to cause a calming/soothing effect on your central nervous system - as a result, your hypersensitive nerve ends are "chilled-out." Some studies have indicated that acupuncture aids in decreasing symptoms of anxiety such as high blood pressure and the heartbeat that feels like it's going a mile a minute.

It all boils back down to the fact that Traditional Chinese Medicine's intent is to treat your body, mind, emotions AND spirit. How's that for a definition of Holistic? What this means is that your intangible "mind" is very much connected and in-sync with your physical body...yup, right down to the core of your being. That's why when you feel sad or depressed, even though it is a non-physical state of emotion, people can tell because you present it physically - your posture, skin & eye luster, demeanor, voice, walk, etc.

Anthropologically, it is believed that we developed this sense of mild "anxiety" & stress (fight or flight) as a mechanism of protection when we encountered potentially harmful stimuli. (Just like our sense of "pain"...interesting how it's all connected huh?

Back in hunter-gather times, moments that caused anxiety were far apart and fleeting. But times have changed and so have we. We no longer are trailing from land to land in search of food and shelter; No, now we create and control our food and shelter. Ironically, the more we learn that we control our environment, the more anxiety stricken we become because we are afraid of losing that "control" (ie. money, health, shelter, protection, etc). Moreover, current events in our world such as wars have kept people in a constant state of fear, which is only an alternate form of anxiety. That fear has a lasting effect, especially for the people who witness and experience traumatic events (PSTD).

Additionally, staying at a constant state of stress can have quite the impact on your adrenals, affect your body's level of cortisol (your stress hormone). As time goes on and your level of cortisol remains elevated, your symptoms worsen and you fall deeper into your anxiety as well as possible depression, tension headaches, systemic pain (ie. Fibromyalgia) and digestive issues (ie. IBS). 

See how important it is to be treated as a Whole?
Acupuncture for anxiety is a 100% Natural Holistic Approach.