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Have you ever wondered…

  • what acupuncture really is,
  • how it really works,
  • and last but not least, what it can treat?

Acupuncture is one of the pain-less methods used by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to treat patients holistically. A typical treatment involves the insertion of very fine, sterile, single-time-use needles into designated pressure points on the body.

In addition to Acupuncture our clinic also offers herbal remedies, essential oils, cupping, and other alternative healing therapies. We are passionate about acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and other alternative healing modalities and their ability to heal the body.

Learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine below or browse all of our available therapies for more information. 

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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an umbrella title that covers a range of classical medical practices developed thousands of years ago in China. In Mandarin Chinese, it is referred to as Zhong Yi (中医) – “Zhong” for China/Chinese (中国) and “Yi” for Doctor or Medicine (医生). Now that you have learned a few Chinese characters, let’s discuss what techniques a practitioner of TCM employs.

For starters, there is the practice of Acupuncture but what is not often known is that TCM acupuncturists also practice:

Though all of the above-mentioned treatments differ in procedure, they have a common function, which is to harmonize or balance the body. And by body, I mean everything and in-between what we understand as our physical “body.” Basically when your body is “not in balance” it manifests its dysfunction in the form of a disease. 

What Our Patients Are Saying

Real Reviews. Real Patients. Real Results.

This was my first experience with acupuncture and I was very concerned with picking the right practitioner. I feel totally blessed because Jennifer is a perfect fit. Jennifer is so upbeat and personable. She has a wealth of knowledge and can easily articulate treatment information. Each session I have felt noticeable improvements. I am excited to incorporate TCM not only for my condition but to assist in overall health and wellness. Thank you Jen!!!
Christine B
I went to see Jennifer for some help with sciatic pain, but I was thrilled to have her help me with so many other concerns I didn’t even know were correlated. She has a thorough understanding of the connections in the body. She is warm and easy to talk to and spent a lot of time getting to know me and my lifestyle. The quality of the treatment was some of the best I’ve had. My symptoms were gone after my session and I’ll be back soon!
Sierra A
Jen is the BEST! She is incredibly compassionate and patient with fearful people. I still hate needles but am no longer afraid of them. She brightens my day each time I get to see her with her fun and light-hearted personality and I always feel more grounded with a boost of energy when my session is over. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for an acupuncturist who cares and someone who goes above and beyond your everyday practitioner.
Bree M