Loveland Acupuncture, LLC

Practitioners provide chinese medicine and herbal remedies using natural elements like: plants, nuts, berries, minerals and the occasionally animal products to create the appropriate formula necessary for each and every patient. Herbs are a very important component of Oriental Medicine healthcare, just like acupuncture.

The formulas can be taken in the form of a pill, as a powder (ground herbs) to be mixed in water, or used raw in a decoction or stew.

Currently at my Loveland acupuncture practice, I provide patent formulas in pill form. I buy my Chinese Medicine locally through the GMP certified, herbal distributor Blue Poppy in Boulder, Colorado.

Did you know?
Many of the spices you use in your own spice cabinet are also used as Medicinals.

Are Chinese Formulas Safe??
Chinese formulas are very safe and very effective, especially when they are prescribed correctly by a properly educated, licensed practitioner.